Now that winter is behind us, Paulette and I hope that everyone gets a chance to enjoy all the best that spring and summer has to offer.

In January, Jason, Yvette and the girls traveled to Minnesota on the long Martin Luther King Holiday weekend.  We had a fun packed weekend mostly at Vince and Cortney’s home and it was really fun seeing Oliver and Lincoln spending time with Jayia and Nadia.

In March Jason and I flew to Florida from Charlotte see a couple spring training games. The first part of the week went to four baseball games in three day and the rest of the week Jason’s medical group had meetings in Clearwater. During Jason’s meeting I did a little shopping in the many stores along the main street and walking on Clearwater Beach and on Pier 60.

Congratulations to Vince and Cortney for receiving a Letter of Excellence at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Recognition Ceremony for their roles in diffusing a potentially dangerous situation at the jail.

Jaiya and Nadia are doing well they are still playing basketball and soccer. In March Jaiya and a group of students  from her school traveled to Spain on a foreign exchange program. Jaiya stayed with a family for two weeks in Barcelona. She really enjoyed her experience.

Sharon continues working at Goodwill Industries and as a volunteer for the Liberia Build Project. It’s a non-profit organization founded by her friend Daniel Gbogar. She enjoys working on special projects that helps the Twin Cities Liberian Community.

In September Jason and I are planning a trip to New York City to see the Twins play the Yankees. We should have a great time in while in the city.

Paulette and I hope everyone have a great summer.








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